Pie Crust Additives

I read cooking magazines and listen to cooking shows a lot so I never know where the ideas come from but here is one for you to try in your kitchen. Next time you make pie crust add some dry or finely chopped fresh herbs for savory pies and some citrus zest to compliment fruit pies.


Herb Extender

To extend the life of your herbs, wrap them in a damp paper towel, then into a plastic freezer bag. Seal and store in the crisper drawer of the fridge.

Help for the busy entertaining season.

I always found that at this time of year I was always planning ahead. Therefore I tried to do ahead and freeze, especially if I was working. For appetizers: make ahead and freeze on cookie trays, then place in a sealed plastic bags and bake as needed. Also if entertaining for dinners and making some entrees or casseroles, I would line the serving/baking dish with double foil, get the entree/casserole ready to go,then freeze it. When frozen remove the entree/casserole from dish, wrap in plastic and /or place in a large sealed plastic bag. Now your container is free so you make a different one entree for another time. This worked well for me whether I was feeding the family or entertaining. It works for some desserts as well.