Stable Whipped Cream

Over the holidays I was asked how to keep whipped cream from weeping when it is prepared ahead. I had encountered this same problem in my past and recall sharing my solution before. I am not sure where I learned this, but here is the recipe for Stable Whipped Cream


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  1. Regarding Stable Whipped Cream – A friend of mine once told me to use icing sugar instead of regular sugar and this seems to work well.

  2. Another option that some people swear by is Oetker’s product Whip It.

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    I have also remember reading somewhere that 1tbp of non-fat dry milk per cup of cream works and does not change the flavor where sweeteners can.

  3. Hi Food Guy! Yes I have used the Dr, Oekter product and it is great BUT not available always in smaller towns.

  4. Hi! Marcia! Thanks for the comment. I have not tried that but will. Comments like this help young and old alike. I believe it is the fact that icing sugar has cornstarch in it that makes it work

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