Oatmeal Cookies

For years oatmeal cookies were an inexpensive snack for children coming home from  school; but today they seem to have been replaced by the Chocolate Chip cookies.  The oatmeal cookie came in many forms.  Mothers added dry fruits such as raisins, apricots  or what ever was in the house including nuts.  Today they  seem to be full of spices and raisins are the preferred fruit.  You will see on the  website, a recipe for Mary’s Wafers. They are a very crisp cookie which tastes like oatmeal.  Try it as a single serving or you can take two and put various fillings between them as they were served to me. In past years it was often a date filling, but simple fillings like jam work well. Here is the recipe:

Mary’s Wafers (Oatmeal Cookies)


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