This is where the magic happens…

The Prep Area

The Prep Area

I’m not sure my cooking can be qualified as “magical” quite yet, but this is where I spend my time trying to figure out what items are actually usable for making a decent meal, sometimes better than decent.  I find something new about the kitchen every time I use it, like another knob is broken, or the sink is leaking…I can’t complain, though, with colors like that I’m hardly ever gloomy when cooking.  There may have been some sort of strategy involved in the paint selection…It’s not like it rains often in Portland or anything…

The Infamous Stove

The Beloved Stove

Here it is, the lovely stove that provides 95% of our meals.  The other 5% is due to our occasional sandwich making.  This adds a very minor bit of variety to our menu.  Sometimes we go all out, and have ourselves some cereal!

Despite its flaws, I do enjoy the effort and adversity involved with this kitchen, and I’m sure I will miss the unique quality of it when I move on.  Who needs working appliances anyway?!


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