Whole Wheat Pasta

In my recent efforts to try and eat more “whole foods” I have been cooking in my kitchen more often.  Tonight, when I was looking for a recipe to try out so I could divert from my usual, mundane meals, I remembered a dish that Dad made a few months ago:  Cooktop Chicken and Pasta.

I have been craving this meal for a while, but could I, the least talented Claggett cook, tackle it?

The answer was yes.  I took some tips that I got from Dad and Elaine last time I cooked with them (like getting all your ingredients out and ready before you start) and the recipe went off without a hitch.

The only thing I changed was that I used whole wheat orzo.  I am having difficulty deciding if I like this substitution or not though.  I enjoy whole wheat pasta, but I usually eat it with a sauce that has enough of an overpowering flavor that you can’t taste the slight difference from your regular old pasta.  Because this meal doesn’t have “sauce” specifically for the pasta,  it is more noticeable that you are eating whole wheat pasta.  Don’t get me wrong though, its still great, just a little different.  Maybe I should add more cheese???? Yes please!

What do you think of whole wheat pasta?


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