In the late 1930’s Jessie Read published a cookbook titled “Three Meals a Day”. It was an everyday cookbook for the average or aspiring cook published in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Jessie Read is my mother.

Jessie Read was a Home Economist and Food Editor for the Toronto Telegram in the 1930’s. Providing daily advice to its readers through her column “Three Meals a Day”, Jessie developed a loyal following that appreciated her straight-forward and easy to understand cooking techniques and tasty recipes. In 1938, Jessie published her first edition of Three Meals a Day Cookbook (The Musson Book Company Ltd.) with a second edition in 1941. Unfortunately, Jessie passed away before the publishing of her second edition on April 10, 1940 in Toronto, Canada. Although lost in the prime of her life, her love and commitment to family and cooking was captured through her writings which inspired me to pick up where her mother left off and become a great cook unto herself. – The Three Meals a Day cookbook and column provided everyday advice, basic cooking techniques and recipes from Beverages to Appetizers to Meats to Vegetables to Desserts to Jellies and Jams to Confections. Although written for a different era, the basic fundamentals of cooking are timeless which will become evident as you explore this blog and companion website. This site is a collection of historical recipes from Three Meals a Day and current recipes that we have tested in our many kitchens around the world to the enjoyment of family and friends over the years. This is the blog for the companion recipe website.

I have three sons who are passionate about cooking who contribute to this blog with their thoughts. We also have grandchildren and friends contribute.

Heather Ann Claggett


3 Responses

  1. I can’t contact you via email it says I am blocked.
    I have sent a snail mail, but thought I would try this.
    All the best, it looks great.

  2. Hello! This is Susanne and I love the “new” website. We have passed it onto Elaine (and my) cousin, Anna. She just contacted me and wanted to know how to pull up the site. We’ll be back in touch with a recipe – maybe a Middle Eastern one! Enjoy this humongous snow and do some cooking!

  3. Hi Heather:

    Judy and I have been trying to contact you, but you have a new email. Are you south? Contact us – we’ve been apart too long:)


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