Oatmeal Cookies

For years oatmeal cookies were an inexpensive snack for children coming home from  school; but today they seem to have been replaced by the Chocolate Chip cookies.  The oatmeal cookie came in many forms.  Mothers added dry fruits such as raisins, apricots  or what ever was in the house including nuts.  Today they  seem to be full of spices and raisins are the preferred fruit.  You will see on the  website, a recipe for Mary’s Wafers. They are a very crisp cookie which tastes like oatmeal.  Try it as a single serving or you can take two and put various fillings between them as they were served to me. In past years it was often a date filling, but simple fillings like jam work well. Here is the recipe:

Mary’s Wafers (Oatmeal Cookies)


Holding cheese

I have over the years acquired name plates for cheese on a cheese platter but the hard cheeses are still hard to slice without placing a finger on the cheese. A definite No No!  The Easoms of Astoria suggest using corn cob holders to solve the problem.  Works wonders.

Uses for Ice Cube Trays

With the invention of the ice maker refrigerator, the ice cube tray often ends up at garage sales or in the trash. I had many but I found many uses for them. They measure approximately 1 tablespoon. I make cubes of the following items for use later: Lemon Juice, applesauce, homemade stock, pesto, leftover coffee, leftover opened tomato paste, fruit filled ice cubes for special drinks, flavoured butter( both savoury and sweet), to name a few. Just think what you might need a tablespoon of when you’re pressed for time.

Stable Whipped Cream

Over the holidays I was asked how to keep whipped cream from weeping when it is prepared ahead. I had encountered this same problem in my past and recall sharing my solution before. I am not sure where I learned this, but here is the recipe for Stable Whipped Cream

New Years Recipes

Here are some of my promised recipes from my New Years’ dinner.

Parmesan Wafers
Romaine Chiffonade with Pesto Vinaigrette
Bef Stroganov ( Original Russian style)
Crepes au Grand Marnier
Carrots in Grand Marnier



My New Years Eve Meal

Happy New Years to All


New Years Eve I had a dinner for 8.  It was tied into playing bridge and seeing the new year in at midnight.  We started with appetizers, a light salad  followed by the entrée. Bridge play continued for about 90 minutes culminating with a delicious crepes Grand Marnier .   Oh and yes again more bridge and champagne as the ball dropped. The evening just flew by with our friends as the year 2009 did.

The one thing I learned in preparing this meal was how to make the wonderful Parmesan wafers you get with special salads. I had tried before and never got the balance of cheese and flour correct.  The recipe will be in Miscellaneous on the website.  Watch for them and I will provide the link here once it is posted.

Pie Crust Additives

I read cooking magazines and listen to cooking shows a lot so I never know where the ideas come from but here is one for you to try in your kitchen. Next time you make pie crust add some dry or finely chopped fresh herbs for savory pies and some citrus zest to compliment fruit pies.