More on Herbs

It is funny, in reading the original “Three Meals a Day”; Jessie Read continually refers to the use of dried herbs in most recipes.  As Heather as pointed out in other posts, “times they are a changin’ !”…Now we have fresh herbs sold year round in grocery stores or we grow them ourselves both in/out doors.  One of my favourite conveniences is the relatively new “herb pastes” that are now sold in most grocery stores. These pastes give all the vibrant flavours of fresh herbs with the convenience of dried.

Just tonight, for example, I mixed a melody of herb pastes, combined it with butter (yes, Julia would be proud)…gave a chicken a good rub down with the mixture and plopped it on a can of Guinness for a trip to the oven.  A quick, healthy (well…tasty anyway) chicken in about 90 minutes for the kids and I.

The herb pastes hold in the fridge far longer than fresh herbs (after cutting, of course) and give you ready access to the dynamic flavour that makes food come alive!


Pie Crust Additives

I read cooking magazines and listen to cooking shows a lot so I never know where the ideas come from but here is one for you to try in your kitchen. Next time you make pie crust add some dry or finely chopped fresh herbs for savory pies and some citrus zest to compliment fruit pies.

Herb Extender

To extend the life of your herbs, wrap them in a damp paper towel, then into a plastic freezer bag. Seal and store in the crisper drawer of the fridge.