Uses for Ice Cube Trays

With the invention of the ice maker refrigerator, the ice cube tray often ends up at garage sales or in the trash. I had many but I found many uses for them. They measure approximately 1 tablespoon. I make cubes of the following items for use later: Lemon Juice, applesauce, homemade stock, pesto, leftover coffee, leftover opened tomato paste, fruit filled ice cubes for special drinks, flavoured butter( both savoury and sweet), to name a few. Just think what you might need a tablespoon of when you’re pressed for time.


Silicone Baking Mats ( Silpat )

I was an early adopter to using silicon baking mats. It saved me a lot of effort on cleanup and no more burnt cookies. My challenge has always been storing our 4 mats. They just flop around in a mess with the other baking items in the cabinet. A tip by Sharon Sneller in the most recent issue of Cuisine at Home solves the problem. Simply store your mat in an empty paper towel roll. The mat stays clean and undamaged and is easily stored in a drawer or your cabinet. You are also doing your part for the environment by recycling the empty roll.

Recycle It!